Accessories, Controller & Skins for Consoles and PC

On Xesero you will find many ways to customize and personalize your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch or any other console and handheld.


Skins, sticker and cover:

The best Nintendo Switch skins, Xbox One cover and PlayStation 4 sticker available in so many different designs and patterns. If you got a favorite cartoon, sports team or a movie you like then you will love this! Simply buy the skins for your console you want and easily apply them on your PS4, Xbox One, Switch or any other console. They are also available for Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3 or handhelds like Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita! Better check them out! Applying them takes only two minutes. Their cut is perfect and they will fit exactly on your device. Don’t worry – you can also remove them anytime you want. There will be no marks or something like this left. They are protecting your console and also saves them against any damages like bumps or scratches. Not only looking awesome and custome, but also having a real functionality.

Controller for a reasonable price:

Getting cheap controller for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or any other gaming system can be really tough. You may miss a great opportunity to buy inexpensive controller for all systems. For PC, consoles and even smartphones there are original controller and also cheap controller made by a third company. Mostly they are working even better than the original ones. Why? These developer are taking the existing original controller, understanding its functionality and develope a whole new and better version. This is how it goes and how there will always be third party products, which will be better than the original product.

Great accessories for your Nintendo Switch, 3DS and PS Vita

Accessories for your handheld and console are not only a great way to protect your devices, but it will also higher your gaming experience a lot. For example the anti-slip grips for your controller or the thumb sticks to keep a great grip. This small but useful items can really make a difference in the way you are playing. Everyone knows this: One small mistakes, because the finger slipped on the sweaty controller and the stats are ruined. There are so many great ways to prevent mistakes like this. Make sure you are using the accessories wisely for your gaming console.

Bags for the Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation

Bringing the console to your friends house is a great idea. There is nothing more fun than gaming together. The console is one of your most important good, please make sure you are treatening as it deserves. Walking through the streets with a Xbox One, PS4 or Nintendo Switch while raining can be really painful. There is so much to be afraid of. You will worry if the console will remain working or if it won’t even turn on! Thats why is offering high quality waterproofed bags. Finally you can carry your gaming console everywhere you want.

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