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Game information

Ragnarok Online ll: The Gate of the World is the next best thing since Ragnarok online was created, both developed by Gravity Corp, a Korean company with multiple divisions all over the world.

This new game is based on Norse mythology; Ragnarok being the battle at the end of the world, whats most different about this game compared to the first ragnarok online, is that it is formed of 3 races to choose from, known as the Norman, Ellr, and Dimago. Whats most delightful with this new sequel is that it has Full 3D graphics, while retaining the "original anime style" of Ragnarok Online. There are so many new features and adventures to RO2, you must try it out for your self, to get that amazing experience, exspecially the music, the game's soundtrack is by Yoko Kanno. Much of the soundtrack has a heavy Celtic influence. There are also several vocal songs featured, such as 'Poem', 'Sakaba', and 'Hodo'.

Ragnarok Online has been around for quite some time, being one of the most popular MMORPGs out in the game world today. Cute 2D graphics on a 3D map is what sets this game apart from alot of them. Most of the storyline is based off of Norse Mythology, but the best part is that it does not have a set Plot, it is open for anyone to determin how the story goes. War of Emperium which as drawn players to the game, and has become popular, you and your guild battle it out with enemy guilds to obtain your very own castle. Many adventures and Quests keep you occupied and having fun.

After a few years of Ragnarok online being out, it was soon told to the public that Ragnarok Online ll: The Gate of the World, a Sequel of the loved ragnarok online, was being developed and people from all over the world cant wait for it to be released.

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