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Open Beta accounts


I am so surprised how many emails I got. It is quite unbelievable, it is almost impossible for me to reply for all the email. So I decided for this solution:

Translators - if you want to apply for translation into already supported language (check the flags), you have to know how to use SVN (subversion, google it). If you want to translate into yet unsupported language, write me new email with subject: XXXXX Ragnarok 2 translation, where XXXXX is your language. SVN user will have a priority, so mention it in the mail.

English content writers and reports - write me also another mail, subject: Content Ragnarok 2 or Reports Ragnarok 2 - and inside mail mention something about yourself

Open Beta accounts info

Hi all... since we want to make this website really international, we are looking for people who are willing to help us!

We are mainly looking for:

  • english content writers - guides, info, Open Beta reports
  • translators: ENGLISH => any language
  • translators: KOREAN => ENGLISH
  • reverse engineers
  • Flash designers
  • file hosting mirrors

We will give you a valid Open Beta account for your help, so you don't need to search Google for not used KSSNs and translating Korean characters for hours and hours.

If you are interested in to join our world team, write me on MSN [email protected] or email [email protected]

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