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Niveau et Stats


The statistics in RO2 vary slightly from the original system. When a player levels up their base level, they are given several points to increase stats of their choosing.

  • STR, or Strength, contributes to melee physical damage and minimum ranged physical damage. It increases the max HP, fatigue, and weight limits. It also reduces after-cast spell time when repeating the same spell.
  • DEX, or Dexterity, contributes to melee physical hit rate and minimum physical damage as well as ranged physical damage. It also reduces casting time for spells.
  • AGI, or Agility, contributes to melee and ranged physical dodge rate, as well as a reduce in delay on damage.
  • INT, or Intelligence, contributes to ranged physical critical rate and an increase in the max SP limit. It also reduces after-cast time for physical skills when repeating the same skill.
  • WIS, or Wisdom, contributes to melee and ranged physical attack speed. It increases the hit rate of spells and increased minimum spell damage.
  • CON, or Concentration, contributes to melee physical and magic critical rate. It also increases ranged physical hit rate and spell dodge rate.
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