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1. How to get a quest.

Getting a quest from an NPC.

You can begin a quest by talking talkgin to an NPC. Not all NPCs offer quests, but as you progress in the game, there will be various quests from various NPCs. There's no way to tell if an NPC offers a quest or not simply by their appearance, so the only way to check is to talk to the NPCs now and then to see if the request help.

Image 56. - Talk to NPCs to begin a quest.

When an NPC does have a quest available, there will be an 'Offered quest' button in the NPC's word bubble window. If you click on the 'Offered Quest' button, you will be enrolled into a quest.

NPCs don't always have a quest to offer. NPCs which don't have a quest to offer will simply not display the "Offered Quest" button, however they may change and eventually offer a quest.

Image 57. - click on the 'Offered Quest' button to begin a quest with this NPC.

Getting a Quest request from the Quest Board.

A quest board records all the quests that occur in a village. Some NPCs offer quests personally, but some NPCs will offer their requests on boards like this where users can pick and choose which quest they want to do. To begin a quest from the message board, approch the board, and then a quest list will appear on the rightside of the screen just like when approching an NPC for a quest.

Image 58. - Quest Board Image 59. - The list of quests on the message board.

Image 60 Click "Accept" to being the quest.

Select a quest to see detailed information about each quest. While viewing detailed information about each quest, if you click the "Accept" button at the bottom of the detaile dinformation window, you will begin that quest.

2. Quest Progression

Checking quest information.

Once you begin a quest, the quest will be added to your "Current Quest List".Press the 'U' key to see your Current Quest Lits Window. There are three kinds of quests in Ragnarok Online 2, those being an 'Official Request Quest', an 'Event Quest'and a 'Scenario Quest'. You can only do these quests one at a time. If you aren't doing one of these quests, the quest window will say 'No Quests', but when you are doing one of these quests, the quest's type appears.

Image 61. - You can read detailed information about a quest when you click on the quest icon.

In the Detailed Quest Information window, you can see the information and reward on each quest. in adition to your progress in the quest. You can decide to continue the quests you have, or decide to give up if neccesary by cliking the "Give Up" button. you can restart quests you've given up by talking to the NPC or message board where you began that quest to reenroll in that quest.

Quest Helper.

The Quest Helper is a function that displays basic information needed in progressing in a quest without the need to open the 'Current Quest List' window. To use the Quest Helper, press the 'U' key to bring up the 'Current Quest List'. At the bottom of this window is a check box for the 'Quest Helper'. When the Quest Helper is checked on, underneth the Current Quest List, a simplified version of what you should do next will appear.and this window will remain open even if you close the Current Quest List window.

Image 62. - Using the Quest Helper.

When the quest Helper is enabled, it is convinient to do things in the order they appear in the Quest Helper.

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