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Holding conversations

There are two kinds of people in Ragnarok 2. The first kind oare players like yourself who have come from outside the Midgard continent. The other kind of people are the natives who have lived on the Midgard continent since the past. These people are also refered to as 'NPC's. In order to thrive on the Midgard continent, it's a good idea to gain as much information as possible from the natives.

1. Talking to an NPC

Beginning a conversation with an NPC

Go down the stairs of the Hodmimes Adventurer Training Ground, and you'll seea character called 'Redic Das'. Get near this person and try to begin a conversation with this person. In order to hold a conversation with an NPC, you must get close to the NPC first. Use the keys ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’ on your keyboard to approch 'Redic Das'.

Image 16. - NPC Try and talk to Redic Das

Everyday Conversations

What 'Redic Das' is saying will appear in the upper right word bubble. At the bottom left of the word bubble, there are some small buttons. You can hold an 'Everyday Conversation' with an NPC by clicking the 'Everyday Conversation' Button.In an 'Everyday Conversation', an NPC will talk about whatever he or she wants, such as information about the local area, the relationship between the people, or what's going on in the area.

Image 17. - Let's try conversing with an NPC Image 18. - The button furthest to the left is the 'Everyday Conversation' button.

Location Guide

If you're not sure where something is, such as a landmark or a building, you can ask an NPC where it is. Begin a conversation with an NPC, and then click the button 'Location Guide'. What appears next is the list of places the NPC can guide you. Chose a location and then chose 'End Conversation'. A flag will appear on your mini-mapindicating the location of the place you've asked the NPC.You can arrive at that location by running towards the flag on the mini-map.

Image 19. - The button in the middle is the 'Location Guide' button. Image 20. - Chose the location you want to go to. Image 21. - If the location is beyond your mini-map, a directional arrow will appear.

2. Conversing with other people.

How to see the Conversation Window

The conversation window appears on the bottom left of the screen. The windowis separated into two parts. the top part displays various events that happen in game, such as combat with a monster, gaining or losing items, or deals with other players.You can tell what's going on around your character by paying attention to the top window.

Image 22. - The top is an Event Marker, the bottom is a Chat Window.

Normal Conversations

If you would like to briefly converse with the people around you, use theconversation window which appears under the Event Marker. While in game, you can press Enter anytime to get a blinking curser in the conversation window.When the curser blinks, you can enter what you want to say to the people around you. Enter what you want to say, and then hit enter to display it to the people around you.

The conversation contents entered in here are visible to people in your area, butpeople far away cannot see your words.


Yelling is like a normal chat, but it delivers your words further than a normal chat. A yell appears in a different color than that of a normal conversation.To yell, enter /yell in the input first, then enier what you want to yell.

Image 23. - Yelled words appear in a different color. Image 24. - Type '/yell' then entire what you want to yell.

Channel Chat

A channel is a chat room visible to everyone in a single region. In this region, the people in 'Hodmimes Village', 'The Adventurer's Training Ground', 'Outskirts of Hodmimes' and 'Imir Cave Dungeon' are all pare of the same 'Channel'. You can talk to everyone in the same Channel using the Channel Chat.

In order to Channel Chat, enter '/C' or '/Channel' in the input first, then enter what you want to say after that.

Image 25. - To channel chat, enter'/C' before what you want to say.
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