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Ragnarok Online 2 introduces 3 races for players to play as; known as the Norman, Ellr, and Dimago. Each race has advantages to it that make it a viable choice when a new player is creating their character. Little is known as of now on how these races will affect the game, but announcements have made some info clear about them.


The Norman race has a human appearance and is the race that was played in RO1. They use the job System, allowing them to switch their job at will and take advantage of specialty skills. The original appearance of the Norman, a very childish look, was re-designed for a more mature look. The race's name may likely be a reference to the historical Normans or Norsemen, given the game's focus on Norse mythology. It could also be a portmanteau of the words "normal" and "human."

The official descriptions says that this race aims at "bored" gamers.


The Ellr are a half-breed, born between an interracial relationship between the Normans and the Elves. They inhabit their own land known as "Alfheim". After participating in the war between the eastern and western Normans, they returned to Alfheim, but have recently returned to Midgard to investigate why their "Mother Tree" fell silent. The power of an Ellr comes from the magical stones they possess, called "Stones of Ancestors". These stones influence their skills, and as such the Ellr has no professions or classes. They may only equip two stones at a time, however. The original model of the concept Ellr appeared as a chibi art style. It was later redesigned to appear more normal in proportions, although still very childlike.

The official descriptions says that this race aims at "Asian" type gamers.


The Dimago are the rejected offspring of a relationship between the Colossus and Norman. They have apparently been under an enchanted sleep, and have no memory of their previous lives. They "fight with style" and are able to make use of dynamic skill trees. The characters are designed to be 7-8 heads tall in height (that of an average human.) This, compared to the Ellr which are 2~3 heads tall or the Normans which are 4~6 heads tall, means that the Dimago will be the tallest playable race in the game.

The official descriptions says that this race aims at "Western" gamers.

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